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"Journey Planner" Route Map Concept

This project looked at the typical route maps produced by the UK Rail Company TransPennine Express. While their existing collateral demonstrated the stretch of their routes, we saw an opportunity to use a different style document to provide additional information.
The "Journey Planner" concept provides customers with opportunities to plan their route around the network, showing which service groups call at which stations, and how regularly. This helps passengers to plan connections along complex journeys.
The map is presented in a bold and clear “metro” style, making it is easy to navigate, providing a large amount of information without appearing cluttered. This style is instantly recognisable to travellers from around the world, and ultimately more accesible and easy to use.

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Accessible Map Concept

Currently available station maps available directly from Train Operating Companies, or via the National Rail Enquiries website are a great tool for wayfinding around the railway, but many are dated, or haven't been created with accessibility in mind.
Our accessible maps depict stations and other locations in a clear, easy to read format. High colour contrast and clear, bold, lines outline key features such as platforms, while facilities are highlighted with intuitive icons which are easily understood.
Our default styling uses shades of grey with yellow/blue contrasts for icons and key features, but we can easily integrate brand colours and fonts as part of creating maps for your needs.

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"Signals to Danger" Podcast

Signals to Danger is a podcast, produced by DF Rail Media and distributed to all major podcasting platforms.The podcast has been active for around 18 months, growing to a regular listenership with current downloads in excess of 1500 per week

The brief for the podcast was to tell the stories of accidents on the UK Rail Network in a way which hadn't been done previously. To take the complex and often technical language conveyed through official reports, and create something which could be both understood and enjoyed by all listeners. Taking inspiration from television programmes, such as Mayday or Seconds from Disaster, the podcast has succeeded in acheiving this goal, with a regular listenership from across the social spectrum.

DF Rail Media handles the recording, audio post production and publication of the podcast, as well as associated design tasks, website creation and maintainance and video production of companion content on the Podcast's Youtube Channel

To find out more about Signals to Danger, visit the podcast website at Signals to Danger

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